Toyota to start public road trials of solar-powered cars

The demonstration car consists of a system that charges the battery while the vehicle is parked as well as when it is being driven

Paris by Prius – a drive with a difference

  Watch how ELN editor Sumit Bose got on driving around the streets of Paris in the latest version of the Prius. Toyota says the car is its most economical version yet and could make it possible for most city drivers to get around daily trips just using the electric motor. But did the Parisiennes […]

Toyota’s sunny vision of transport

At the Paris Motor Show Toyota, pioneer of the eco car revealed its latest Prius and this one has a solar panel roof! Wandering around the show last week I was astounded to see how many brands have environmentally friendly models. EVs, hybrids and concept fuel cell cars were everywhere, it appears the time of […]

Isle of Wight continues low carbon makeover

The Isle of Wight’s dream of becoming energy self-sufficient by the end of the decade came one step closer this week, when its transport system began a low carbon makeover. The isle off the coast of Britain is the home of Ecoislands, a project designed to be a global example of community-led carbon free living. […]

EDF and Toyota in London hybrid campaign

EDF Energy and Toyota this week launched a three-year leasing programme to put ultra-low emissions plug-in hybrid vehicles on the streets of London. The first Toyota Prius Plug-ins to reach the UK are joining the vehicle fleets of five businesses and public organisations: Transport for London, the Government Car and Despatch Agency, the Metropolitan Police […]