Billpayers ‘could pay billions in extra nuclear plant decommissioning costs’

Seven power plants should have been decommissioned decades ago, according to a parliamentary committee report

MPs criticise government over “no clear plan” for net zero funding

Ministers have no clear idea of the cost of cutting emissions, the Public Accounts Committee suggests

PAC slams Green Homes Grant for dismal failure

It has revealed the scheme only upgraded 47,500 homes out of the 600,000 originally envisaged and calls for BEIS to ’acknowledge its failures’

Government criticised over ‘lack of plan’ for car emission target

Going from 11% to 100% zero emission cars in 14 years is a ‘mountain’ that government has to climb, MPs suggest

England faces ‘the serious risk of running out of water by 2040’

That’s the warning from the Public Accounts Committee, which accuses Defra, Ofwat and the Environment Agency of having ‘taken their eye off the ball’

MPs concerned about North Sea oil and gas clean-up costs to taxpayers

The Public Accounts Committee is calling on BEIS to ensure taxpayers are protected from the risk of footing the bill

Cost of Hinkley Point C ‘will hit poorest the hardest’

The £18 billion cost of Hinkley Point C will hit the UK’s poorest people the hardest. That’s the conclusion from the group of MPs that make up the Public Account Committee, which has published a new report suggesting households have been locked into a costly and long-lasting deal. The government approved the new nuclear power […]

Rising energy bills force 87 year old pensioner to live in “crumbling surroundings”

MPs have expressed concern over rising energy bills on the Royal Estate, after its utility bills soared 50% in just one year to more than £3 million, taking up 10% of the estate’s budget. Royal aides came under fire from Public Accounts Committee for failing to take action to bring costs under control, with Labour […]

Sellafield nuclear clean-up cost £67.5bn – and still rising

The cost of decommissioning the Sellafield nuclear site has reached £67.5 billion and there’s no indication of when it will stop rising. A new report by the Public Accounts Committee showed around £1.6 billion of public money is being spent at the site every year but is not convinced the taxpayers’ are “getting a good […]

Potential ‘funding gap’ for flood defence after cuts

There is a potential million-pound “funding gap” for flood defence systems, claim MPs in a critical report out today. The Public Accounts Committee report adds communities in at-risk areas may not be guaranteed insurance within two years. In the report, MPs looked at the how the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and […]