Role of chemistry ‘undervalued’ in sustainability drive

The UK public has “no understanding” of the role chemistry plays in tackling sustainability challenges and the fight against climate change. More than half of the 186 chemistry professionals questioned believe when it comes to the challenges of the 21st century, such as providing clean water, food security and renewable energy, society don’t understand chemists’ […]

Labour vows to nationalise energy and water

The Labour Party has vowed to nationalise the energy and water industries if it wins the next general election. Speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said: “Rail, water, energy, Royal Mail – we’re taking them back.” Politicians would decide if full market value is awarded when they are taken […]

UK public ‘confused and concerned about recycling’

The UK public is more confused than ever about how their waste is being recycled and managed. That’s according to a new report from recycling and waste management firm Viridor, which highlights public frustration with product labelling and recycling collection systems, as well as a lack of confidence in those responsible for managing waste. It […]

Women and under-40s ‘key to tackling climate change’

Women and young people hold the key to fighting climate change. That’s according to a new survey from Decision Technology, which suggests women feel more negatively about climate change than men, while people of both genders younger than 40 tend to be less apathetic and more concerned than older generations. The research and analytics firm […]

Green loans open up for Welsh public sector

Welsh public sector organisations can now apply for green project loans. Salix’s Wales Funding Programme, which combines the Salix Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme (SEELS) and the Invest to Save – Green Growth Finance Schemes, offers finance to public sector groups. This means they can invest in green projects to reduce operating costs and can repay the loans through […]

Consultation on nuclear waste storage opens

A public consultation on nuclear waste storage has been launched. It aims to ensure the public plays a “central role” in the government’s plans to develop and operate geological disposal facilities (GDF) deep underground in different regions. The GDF would provide a permanent solution for the country’s radioactive waste, Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) stated. The […]

Public backs an energy price freeze – poll

The surprise price freeze pledge has been bashed by energy suppliers, commentators and – predictably – the Tory Chancellor George Osborne. But Labour’s promise to keep energy bills static between May 2015 and January 2017 should they win the general election has struck a chord with the public, suggests a new poll by YouGov for […]

Nuclear power station re-opens to public after 12 years

A nuclear power station in East Lothian, Scotland is welcoming back visitors for the first time in 12 years today. The new visitor centre at Torness nuclear station (pictured) is the latest of seven planned centres to be opened by EDF Energy across the UK. The energy supplier said is designed to “capture the imagination” […]

Editorial – Radio ga ga for energy

Yesterday morning I tuned into the BBC 5 Live breakfast phone-in show and guess what they were discussing….energy. It was a good old fashioned chat and I obviously rang in to have my two penneth worth as the public discussed what we need to do to secure our energy future. Kevin McCullough the new boss […]

“Rip off” energy firms make public angry in new poll

Energy companies have got a drubbing in a new top ten poll of brands which make people angry – with British Gas singled out for the focus of public irritation. The Centrica-owned supplier, which is the largest energy provider in the UK came sixth, after all banks, the supermarket Tesco, fast food chain McDonalds and […]