IT solutions firm buys energy broker

A telecommunications and IT solutions firm has bought an energy broker. Arrow Business Communications Limited’s acquisition of London’s Pulse Business Energy marks its entry into the business energy market and will bring its total turnover up to £26 million. The move is Arrow’s eighth acquisition in the last seven years and makes it one of the few […]

New energy and water software up for three tech awards

POD from Pulse Business Energy has been nominated for 3 tech awards in 2016: Innovation of the year: Processes and projects Innovation of the year: Technology internet & controls Smart product of the year Three years in the making and Pulse has developed in-house with the help of their customers a platform that bridges technology, […]

Guest Blog: Ben Dhesi – for once, power to the tenants!

Landlords and tenants are never the easiest of bedfellows. Rent isn’t the only grievance which crops up time and again – who could forget energy bills? Take the case of a tenant I recently worked for, who wanted me to review their energy supply costs which they received via their landlord. They were in the […]

Guest Blog: Ben Dhesi – Are bad brokers breaking the law?

Ignorance is bliss – but when it comes to energy and brokers, ignorance is very expensive. I’m seeing energy brokers really manipulating energy costs, especially when it comes to government charges in your energy bill. Do you check if they’re included when you get a quote for your firm’s energy? Some suppliers don’t include RO […]