Two firms win £1m to develop digital waste tracking tech

The project aims to help tackle waste crime in Britain as well as prevent illegal waste being shipped abroad

Suppliers obliged to put QR codes on energy bills

Energy bills are to have compulsory Quick Response (QR) codes to make it easy for consumers to find the best deal and help them save money. Energy Secretary Ed Davey today announced he wants all energy firms to add the codes to their bills so consumers can get an “instant cross-market comparison” and make it […]

Would people bother using QR codes on energy bills?

At the moment they’re mainly used by big brands like Puma and Ralph Lauren to try and sell products – but the Government thinks the black and white QR codes, which smartphones scan to give users more information, could go onto energy bills. So if the codes eventually work their way onto household energy statements, […]

Ooh err could QR mean better energy deals?

Noticed those black and white squares in asymmetrical check patterns on the corner of magazine adverts – the ones you can scan with your smartphone to find out more information? Known as quick response or QR codes, the Government is thinking about putting them onto energy bills. In an announcement last weekend Energy Secretary Ed […]