UK inability to meet fuel demand is ‘potential time bomb’

Britain’s dependency on foreign markets and its inability to meet the nation’s oil and road fuel needs is a “potential time bomb”. A new report by business advisory firm Deloitte for the RAC Foundation suggests the UK’s 35 million drivers are “at the mercy” of international traders as ageing oil refineries are unable to meet […]

Fuel duty rise scrapped again

A rise in fuel duty due to be introduced in September, has been cancelled by the Chancellor. In his Budget speech yesterday, George Osborne said petrol would now be 13 pence per litre cheaper than it would have been had the fuel duty not been frozen in the last two years. He said: “For a […]

Electric cars could leave £13m ‘hole’ in Treasury takings

Electric cars could leave a £13 million ‘hole’ in Treasury takings which could affect public finances, a new report warns today. As diesel and petrol cars get more efficient, needing less fuel and as electric vehicles become more popular, this could spell a “collapse” in Treasury income from motoring taxes, claims the report. The RAC […]

Electric car sales falter in Government scheme

Electric car sales under a government scheme to encourage more people to buy them have halved, compared with the project’s first small surge, according to new figures. Just 215 electric cars were bought with the Plug-In Car Grant in its second three months of operation, compared with 465 in its first three months. From 1 […]