EU greenlights France’s €1.5bn aid to support innovative EV batteries

The measure will enable ProLogium Technology to develop a new generation of solid-state batteries

UK announces £95m for advanced materials’ research and development

The Henry Royce Institute at the University of Manchester will use the funding to advance its research in ‘super-materials’ that are critical to sectors including energy and transport

US provides $24.5m for manufacturing innovations to build clean and resilient grid

It will support two funding opportunities that will back research and development for the materials and technologies needed to expand the grid with new, clean energy sources and deliver affordable electricity to disadvantaged communities

More R&D funding ‘can accelerate the world energy revolution’

More investment in research and development (R&D) is needed from governments to accelerate the transition to a low carbon energy system. That’s according to a report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which reveals how supporting R&D and not just a carbon tax, might be the best way to help clean energy technologies compete […]

Obama seeks to double funding for clean energy

US President Barack Obama plans to double funding for clean energy research and development by 2020. In his Weekly Address he said the proposal, which aims to tackle climate change, will be presented to the Congress on Tuesday. If the Republicans approve it, the budget would be more than $12 billion (£8bn). Mr Obama added: “This […]

US and Czech Republic’s joint nuclear centre in Prague

The US has joined forces with the Czech Republic and signed an agreement for a joint civil nuclear co-operation centre in Prague. It will facilitate joint programmes and support regional initiatives in the fields of nuclear energy and security and is part of the nations’ plans in expanding their energy collaboration. The news follows US […]

Manufacturers warn UK could miss out on £880bn green growth

British manufacturers have warned that UK green technology output is “faltering” and the country could miss out on a potential £880 billion boost to the economy by 2050. A new report by the manufacturers’ organisation EEF suggests the UK is the sixth and largest producer and provider of low carbon goods and services, with £112 […]

£4 million investment for UK water industry

The UK water industry will see an investment of up to £4 million in studies, research and development projects to encourage innovation in the industry. The investment aims to support “step-change innovations” that will help tackle future UK and overseas water security challenges. This could be a product, process, service or business that has the […]

Top academic champions UK nuclear potential

The UK has “world leading-facilities which are utterly unique” in the field of nuclear R&D… but it is not making the most of them. Professor Paul Howarth, a technology director at the National Nuclear Laboratory, said: “We have to capitalise. The UK has the best facilities in terms of research and development.” But Prof Howarth […]

Maritime energy potential is a ‘no-brainer’

“The advantage of tides is that they’re very predictable. I can tell you what the tide is doing in twenty years. That is a big advantage” So said Dr Tony Lewis, the director of the Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre at the University College Cork. Dr Lewis told ELN: “We know what the speed of […]