ELN proves the sector cares!

We did it! Actually, we surpassed our 1,000-kilometre target as we sat on our backsides for charity today. The aim was to ride a two-kilometre circuit at the Redbridge Cycle centre and complete a staggering 500 laps to reach the goal! We had a mix of keen cyclists and amateurs from the energy industry for […]

ELN spend all day on backsides for good causes!

Today the ELN team are decamping off to Essex to spend the day with friends from the energy sector on our backsides! What’s new I hear you cry? Yes, forget Team GB, Team ELN are spending the day hoping to ride 1000km on bikes for two great causes. We are raising money for Parkinson’s UK […]

Reporter’s Blog: Nepal earthquake – Powering the country one year on

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake: the day that changed everyone’s lives forever. More than eight million people were affected and thousands killed and injured after a 7.8 magnitude quake hit the beautiful Himalayan country. It affected people’s daily lives: basic commodities like food […]

Blog: Thank you for helping us Re-Energise Nepal

It has been just over nine months since Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake. The country crumbled in just a few minutes, killing more than 8,000 people and millions more were affected by the broken infrastructure. That meant no power, no heat, no water and very little hope. Nepal was already plagued by power […]

A Power Ride for a great cause!

  It’s been a couple of days since the Power Ride and the team of six are still recovering. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about – a group of middle-aged men donned lycra to take part in Ride London for two great causes. They used their pedal power for the 100-mile race […]

Editorial – Help us help Nepal

It can’t have escaped your notice that Nepal has been devastated by two earthquakes. The charities are out there helping feed and clothe people. Medical supplies are on their way as is emergency shelters, tents and sleeping bags. But what people need more than anything is power. Power to heat and light homes, cook food, […]