Ofgem rejects £120m rebate request for generators

Ofgem has rejected a request to modify rules that would have resulted in generators receiving a £120 million rebate funded by consumers. Generators claimed their network charges in 2015/16 exceeded the €2.50 (£2.23)/MWh cap on transmission charges paid by them, which is set under EU regulations. The proposal was requested by SSE in March 2016 […]

Fuel price cut for rural areas kicks in

People living in some of the UK’s most rural areas are now benefiting from a fuel price cut. The five pence price reduction kicked in yesterday and applies across 17 areas – 13 in the Highlands and four in northern England. The government estimates around 125,000 people living in those areas will benefit from cheaper […]

£140 off energy bills for more low income homes

An extra 70,000 low income and vulnerable households are to benefit from cheaper energy bills, DECC said. That means two million struggling families, pensioners and other vulnerable people will get a £140 discount next winter as part of the Warm Home Discount scheme. The initiative, which is being extended for another year, provides one-off rebates […]

SSE confirms £50 energy price cut for customers

SSE has confirmed an average price cut of 3.5% for gas and electricity, finally passing on the green tax savings to its customers. A typical annual dual fuel householder will see their energy bill fall from £1,224 to £1,186 and will also receive a £12 government rebate as a result of the Warm Home Discount […]

Government confirms £12 tax “rebate” on energy bills

The Government today confirmed plans for a tax rebate of £12 for domestic electricity bills. The political storm over energy prices continued to rage over the weekend, with suppliers and the Department of Energy and Climate Change both trying to appear more sympathetic toward consumers. The rebate worth £600million will be funded by the Government […]