New vehicle tax change to help white van man go green

Less than one in every 200 vans bought in 2016/17 was an ultra-low emission model

Freight transport boss banned after using red diesel

Scott McClung, 47 has been prohibited from acting as a director for nine years

Chancellor ‘must close delivery truck pollution loophole’

The Chancellor could save £126 million and slash pollution by closing a tax loophole encouraging delivery trucks to use red diesel. That’s according to the Dearman Engine Company, which says an estimated 26,000 cold delivery trucks have two engines – one propelling the truck and the second cooling the storage compartment. While main engines are […]

New technology to fight fuel fraud

A new technology to catch drivers using illegal fuel has been unveiled. The hi-tech equipment has been introduced to allow officers to test vehicles for the presence of a new fuel marker. It was introduced in April and was expected to make rebated fuel, including off-road diesel commonly known as “red diesel” in the UK, […]

UK taken to EU court over ‘red diesel’

The European Commission is taking the UK to court “for not properly applying the rules” on red diesel. Agricultural vehicles and fishing vessels use diesel which is dyed red to show they pay a reduced tax rate. It can be up to 40% cheaper than diesel typically sold at petrol stations. However, many private yachts […]