Refgas…all our energy is stored in a shed!

Whilst energy storage mechanisms have improved dramatically over recent times, e.g. hi-tech battery storage being a prime example………….with a Refgas gasification and CHP plant, all you need is a nice, roomy shed in which to store your feedstock.

Where there’s waste…there’s watts!

Refgas has refined its innovative CHP process over a decade or more, to provide energy-hungry clients with an efficient and cost effective solution for their heat, cooling and power needs.

Refgas……a team to take gasification from the drawing board to the market

Years ago, when incineration became a dirty word, many companies sprang up, developing a variety of advanced thermal processes, including pyrolysis, gasification and many variations on the theme, as a way of converting waste-derived materials into valuable heat and electricity. In theory, these techniques could be both cleaner and more efficient than traditional combustion or […]

Renewable, on-site heat and power generation…around the clock

Continuous power generation isn’t always available from the cleanest and greenest renewable energy technologies. Whilst wind and solar power provide valuable outputs, they must be supplemented by energy storage systems or other types of generators, to provide 24/7 availability for our energy-hungry, round-the-clock economy. Not so with gasification. This process can operate continuously, often using […]

A clean, green power station…built on an acre of land?

With modular technology, capable of converting combustible solid wastes into clean heat and power, Refgas Ltd is one of a new breed of energy technology companies capable of 24/7 generation, without reliance upon government subsidies or clean, green energy tariffs to make it pay. “Getting paid to receive our fuel certainly helps to make this […]

Gasification… it’s been around for a while!!

When it was first discovered that “town gas” could be manufactured by heating coal, peat or wood back in the late 18th Century, it created a revolution in street lighting and then in gas production and storage for domestic and industrial use. Whilst lamplighters are no longer employed to walk the streets and light up […]

Syngas…a clean, green solution for MW scale CHP

Whilst it burns with a blue flame, syngas’ credentials are quite definitely green. This synthesis gas, produced by applying a thermal process to biomass or combustible waste-derived materials, is a hydrogen-rich gas which, although unsuitable for exporting directly to the gas network, makes an exceptional fuel to power traditional reciprocating engines, generating both heat and […]

Making your own power…what’s the recipe?

Whether your business buys its power from the grid or has its own gas or oil-fired CHP system, the price you actually pay for heat and electricity will depend upon various matters outside of your control… the vagaries of fuel prices, the method of generation, the state and capacity of your local network, as well […]

Just over an acre of land…how much energy can we produce?

With just about enough space for a football pitch, or a few tennis courts, surely your expectations would be limited if you were embarking upon a project to build a sizeable power station? Even more so for a renewable energy plant, fed by waste wood or processed waste, where bulk storage of the feedstock is […]

Exciting energy recovery…from every tonne of waste

Waste, rubbish, trash, refuse – whatever you want to call it, the bulk of materials thrown away by households and industry are rich in energy, and prime targets for a secondary use as a feedstock to produce heat and power. With around 30 million tonnes of municipal solid waste and a similar amount of industrial […]