Renewable infrastructure
Ofgem reforms ‘could hit subsidy-free renewables with five-year setback’

Aurora Energy Research suggests the regulator’s Targeted Charging Review will favour low-efficiency gas gas power at the expense of onshore wind and solar energy

Member States agree EU carbon trading reform

Plans to reform the EU’s trading scheme for cutting carbon emissions have been approved by Member States. The overhaul of the Emissions Trading System (ETS) comes just two weeks after the European Parliament voted in favour of a new directive. The EU ETS works as a ‘cap and trade’ system and makes businesses pay for […]

Waste reforms ‘could cut £250 from council tax bills’

Reforms proposed by the waste industry could cut household’s council tax bills by £250 each year. The Environmental Services Association (ESA) claims its proposed policy changes to the sector could also attract private investment worth £10 billion, increase waste processing capacity by 15 million tonnes, save up to £4 billion of public money and create 50,000 jobs. Its new strategy paper […]

Nepal granted $20m for power sector reform

The World Bank has granted funding worth $20 million (£13m) to reform the power sector in Nepal. The project is expected to help strengthen the capacity of power sector agencies in the country as well as develop hydropower generation and transmission line projects. The funding will support the Upper Arun Hydroelectric Project and the Ikhuwa […]

Ofgem proposes tougher rules for ‘more reliable’ energy switching

Detailed rules to help make switching energy companies “faster and more reliable” for consumers have been published for final consultation. Current rules rely on customers to take action against their new supplier if they do not meet the three-week switching requirements. However, Ofgem is proposing that energy supplies’ licences are strengthened to allow the regulator […]

Simples! Ofgem ban on "complex" tariffs kicks in

The New Year ushers in a ban on “complex” electricity tariffs by energy regulator Ofgem. Suppliers won’t be able to offer tariffs such as those where consumers are first charged a higher rate, which falls the more they use. Ofgem said the reforms also mean that once a consumer has decided how they want to […]

Mexico energy reform ‘could lower business energy prices’

Mexico’s energy reform could spell lower energy prices for businesses in the North American nation, according to analysts. The country’s energy sector has had a state monopoly for decades but last week it proposed foreign energy companies should be able to invest in Mexican projects such as drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. President Enrique […]

Queen’s speech welcomes “Deeply unsatisfactory” delays to Energy Bill

Concerns over more delays to energy market reform came close to confirmation today when the Queen made her annual visit to the House of Lords to announce the year’s key policies without the report stage of the Energy Bill materialising. The Queen’s speech this morning lightly touched on energy, focusing on other issues such as […]

Energy Bill needs ‘clear and cohesive’ market to deliver

A “clear and cohesive” market design is essential for the Government’s Energy Bill to deliver on cutting carbon emissions, securing energy supply and setting competitive prices. Energy company npower said it would help create a “level playing field” and allow different low carbon technologies to compete. Although it welcomes the proposals, the supplier said the […]

Energy Bill will provide investment certainty

Low carbon associations in the UK have welcomed the Government’s proposals for reforming the electricity market in the Energy Bill. The Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA), the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) and RenewableUK said the Bill provides investment certainty and give confidence to businesses. The groups are urging the Government to work together to […]