Ofgem: UK risks facing blackouts in 2015

The UK risks facing blackouts in 2015 on top of higher electricity bills because it is running out of energy generating capacity in the next four years. The warning from Ofgem is part of new analysis which predicts the highest risk of electricity shortfall would be in 2015/16. The regulator forecasts the amount of spare generation capacity, […]

Irish wind sector could create 30,000 jobs

Ireland’s wind sector could help create around 30,000 jobs by 2020 if the Government brings reforms in the industry. That’s according to the Irish Wind Energy Association’s (IWEA) latest report, which states how the nation could benefit economically from renewable energy. At its conference yesterday, the IWEA called on the Government to reconsider targets to […]

Chinese firms ordered to buy 15% wind power

China’s major electricity suppliers will be ordered to buy up to 15% of their power from renewable sources. Reports claim the companies will have to source between 5-15% from wind farms depending on their location although it may be years before the country’s wind power developers’ benefit from it. China has the world’s largest wind […]

Water Bill to open market and save £2 billion

Businesses in England will be allowed to switch water suppliers in the future and this could potentially save £2 billion for the economy, it was announced today. The news comes as Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman launched the draft Water Bill this afternoon in a bid to reform the water industry by driving innovation and opening […]

Government quashes bill delay rumours

Reports that the long awaited Energy Bill was to be delayed have been quashed by DECC. The BBC had claimed reforming the House of Lords was likely to delay other Government legislation. A DECC spokesperson rejected the report on delays to the landmark reform, insisting “there will be legislation on the EMR in the next session.” […]

Why EMR is a market fix

ELN speaks to Alan Whitehead MP at the SmartestEnergy conference where he outlines his problems with the EMR.

Water White Paper makes a splash

What does the shake up mean for businesses and consumers? Other water stories: Charity calls for water metering Government “shied away” from mandatory water changes Big changes for water sector mustn’t dry up UK competitiveness Homeowners must not subsidise cheaper water bills for businesses

Ofgem announces tough protection measures

Electricity and gas markets regulator Ofgem will implement tough new measures to reform the energy markets to help smaller businesses. After investigating the markets in March over claims of unfair pricing from power firms, the regulator threatened to auction up to a fifth of the current market share to new producers of energy. Chief Executive […]

Incentives for reserve capacity

The recent policy reforms will encourage energy forms more likely to come offline, as the wind stops blowing, or the sun stops shining, for instance. Because of this, the National Grid will need support from consumers who can either reduce the amount of electricity they use, or switch to a backup source of supply, such […]

Market reform can get the UK off the fossil fuel hook

Renewable electricity supplier Good Energy are hoping the Government’s electricity market reform will take away the UK’s reliance on imported oil and gas. CEO Juliet Davenport backed Energy Secretary Chris Huhne’s sentiments that moving toward green generation will protect the UK from price volatility: “It’s now up to the Government to deliver. The ball is […]