UK Government reveals final EMR plan

The Government has published its ambitious package of measures which it hopes will attract £110 billion worth of investment from the private sector and support 250,000 jobs by 2020. The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Delivery Plan sets out DECC’s final decision on strike prices for Contracts for Difference (CfDs) for renewable technologies. CfDs will support […]

Energy firms banned from hiking fixed-term tariff deals

Energy suppliers are banned from increasing prices on fixed-term contracts for householders under new rules that have come into force today. Energy regulator Ofgem said suppliers would also be prevented from automatically rolling customers on to another fixed term contract when their current one ends. Its review found many suppliers that offer fixed-term deals could […]

Davey insists UK on track to meet carbon targets

The UK Government has insisted the nation is on track to meet its carbon reduction targets. Energy Secretary Ed Davey said yesterday the UK will meet its first three legally binding carbon budgets, which will see a 34% reduction in emissions by 2020. He was responding to a report published by the Committee on Climate […]

Labour: We still support Electricity Market Reform

Labour has rejected claims it has forgotten about Electricity Market Reform (EMR) amid all the fuss over its plans for an energy price freeze – with an insider saying it is “implausible” they might put off energy investors. Party leader Ed Miliband announced the headline-grabbing plans at the party conference in Brighton on Tuesday while […]

New rules for energy suppliers to treat small businesses fairly

New standards of conduct that require energy suppliers to treat small businesses fairly have come into force this week. The rules are part of Ofgem’s reforms to provide firms with more protection in the energy market and apply to business customers that typically spend up to £10,000 a year on each fuel. Under the standards, […]

Ofgem’s energy market reforms ‘don’t go far enough’

Ofgem’s new code of conduct to make the energy market simpler and fairer for consumers “do not go far enough”. That’s the comment from Which? following the launch of the energy regulator’s new rules this week. The consumer body believes improving the way suppliers deal with their customers is a step forward but claims Ofgem […]

Reforms to give consumers ‘simpler and clearer’ energy market

Detailed tough new standards for energy suppliers to make the market simpler and help consumers find the best deal has been published today. The reforms are part of Ofgem’s plans for a “simpler, clearer and fairer” market and will tackle problems of consumer confusion over energy tariffs, poor supplier behaviour and lack of transparency in […]

Ofwat encourages efficient decisions on water usage

Regulator Ofwat is encouraging companies to make more efficient decisions on water usage. In its new report published yesterday, it proposes to incentivise companies to choose sustainable and low-carbon solutions and encourage water trading. The regulator will also incentivise well-performing companies that outperform the controls they set out. Ofwat sets out price limits for water […]

Market reforms leave consumers in trouble

Recent market reforms leave consumers in an uncomfortable position facing painful rises and severe risk from subsidised energy firms. This was according to energy risk management professional, Andrew Hill, who said Government policy hadn’t helped ease the burden. Mr Hill, Head of Analytics and Publications, EnergyQuote JHA said: “Currently, UKelectricity market arrangements are focused on […]

Energy Ministers back Ofgem reforms

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne today gave the regulator his backing for its intended market reforms. Earlier today Ofgem’s Chief Executive Alistair Buchanan said that the energy companies were letting down their customers with highly-priced, confusing tariffs. Mr Huhne said: “I wholeheartedly welcome the regulator Ofgem’s announcements today. With households and businesses facing rising energy prices, […]