Supermarket freezer aisles ‘could provide a cool way to balance the grid’

A mocked-up supermarket has proven freezer aisles across the UK could be used as a giant ‘virtual battery’

Waitrose cuts energy use in its stores by 40% with new fridge tech

The supermarket giant is making the saving by having introduced new open-fronted fridge technology from Wirth Research

Clean engine technology sees £15.5m investment

The Government and industry have pledged £15.5 million to fund new clean power and cold technology. UK tech firm Dearman is heading up a consortium to develop, manufacture and commercialise a zero-emission engine and refrigeration system. The group have been awarded £6 million by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and raised money internally. The government then doubled the investment, […]

A new cold plan could save tonnes on food waste

Changing the way in which we get our refrigeration and cooling systems could save money and cut down carbon emissions. Vehicles that are used to transport the equipment are said to be unregulated and emit a large amount of air pollution. Researchers at Birmingham University are hoping to come up with ideas on how to […]

Chilling message to cut fridges’ energy waste

High street supermarkets have been sternly rebuked for not “closing the door” on open refrigerator units. A new report called “The Chilling Facts” points to feedback from retailers that adding doors can lead to energy savings of about 33%. Slamming “near-Arctic conditions” in shopping aisles, the campaign group Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) said the take-up […]

Floating solar panels berth in Berkshire

Floating solar panels have berthed at a fruit farm in Berkshire. The floating energy platform is on a newly formed reservoir which irrigates the farm is said to be the first large one of its kind in Europe. It is strong enough to bear the weight of 200 kilowatts’ (kw) worth of panels and with a […]

Call to “put the freeze” on sub-Saharan food waste

It’s time to stop wasting mountains of food in the developing world by rolling out better fridges and chilling, British engineers demanded today. Big population growth is predicted in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, meaning the regions will need to improve their farming productivity. But much of the food produced today “does not actually reach a […]

EU reaches deal to cap ‘super’ greenhouse gases

The European Union has reached a tentative deal to partially ban the use of a group of “super” greenhouse gases used in refrigeration and air conditioning. Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) will be capped in 2015 and gradually phased down, with a target to achieve a 79% reduction by 2030. HFCs are considered to be much more powerful […]

Tesco fails climate-friendly refrigeration target

Giant retailer Tesco has failed to meet its target of using climate-friendly technology in its stores, a new report suggests. The ‘Chilling Facts’ report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) shows although supermarket chains across the UK and Europe have moved away from using refrigeration systems that use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) or ‘super greenhouse gases’, Tesco […]

Sainsbury’s make major CO2 savings

Supermarket firm Sainsbury’s has saved 250,000 tonnes of carbon through the roll-out of specialist CO2 refrigeration. The green technology is much less damaging to the environment than commonly used refrigeration gases, the supermarket claim. David Sheehan, Sainsbury’s director of store development said: “As we continue to invest, we make the market for this technology more […]