‘Three quarters of governments don’t disclose details of net zero pledges’

A new report calls into question the validity of corporate and governmental net zero targets

Australia introduces new rules to support priority low emission technologies

The government has allocated AUD$192.5m for programmes, including reducing barriers to the use of EVs or vehicles powered by biofuels or clean hydrogen

Biffa convicted for sending household waste to Asia disguised as paper

The waste included soiled nappies, tins, plastics, clothing and food packaging all labelled as paper to be sent to mills in India and Indonesia

Iceland effectively bans heavy fuel oil in shipping sector to curb emissions

The new regulation will restrict exhaust emissions containing high levels of sulphur from being burned by ships in the nation’s territorial waters

Electricity pylon
Energy customers miss out on £5.1m compensation from network operators

A new report by Citizens Advice suggests many customers miss out on payment because they forget to apply or are unaware

Renewable energy
Regulatory changes ‘could mean renewable revenues are slashed’

SmartestEnergy suggests Ofgem’s proposed embedded benefit cuts and the Targeted Charging Review could mean renewable projects lose up to £15 per MWh

Picture of sheep in Welsh farm.
Tougher rules for Welsh farmers to tackle water pollution

They will be introduced next spring and will come into force in January 2020

Scott Pruitt’s EPA outlines energy reforms

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said there are multiple ways to protect the environment and safeguard public health while pursuing economic growth and energy independence. In a new report, Administrator Scott Pruitt identifies a number of key initiatives to advance these goals and reduce “unnecessary regulatory burdens” on the development and use of […]

Ofgem invites firms to trial new business models

Ofgem is inviting firms to trial new business models and products that cannot currently operate under existing regulations. It has launched the second window of the “regulatory sandbox” for businesses looking to introduce innovative or significantly different propositions to the energy sector. To be eligible, businesses must offer innovation that benefits consumers and demonstrate what […]

Ofgem seeks ideas to simplify regulations

Ofgem is inviting new ideas to help it simplify, clarify and make its regulations work better. It has launched a consultation for its ‘Simplification Plan 2016-17’ which aims to reduce burdens and allow it to become more consistent, transparent and targeted in its work. The regulator has a legal duty to review its activities and […]