Ofgem fines SSE £2m over disclosure breach

The gas and electricity regulator says the company has delayed publishing information which could have had a ‘significant effect’ on wholesale electricity prices

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REMIT is on its way. From April this year increased reporting obligations apply to the wholesale energy market within the European Union. REMIT was launched in 2011 to stop insider trading on the European energy market and to improve transparancey. Trading via brokers has already been subject to the notification obligations since October 2015. But […]

Ofgem given powers to tackle energy market manipulation

Energy regulator Ofgem has been given new powers to protect wholesale gas and electricity markets from abuse. The watchdog will now be able to access information, inspect premises and impose unlimited fines for those who break the law as part of the EU Regulation of Wholesale Energy Markets and Transparency (REMIT) and will come into […]

RWE npower implements new EU regulation

A new EU directive that obligates all power station operators to inform the public in as much detail possible about the current status of electrictyproduction has been endorsed by RWE npower. The Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) aims to prohibit market abuse such as insider trading in wholesale energy markets. Kevin McCullough, […]