Green levy exemption for EIIs pushed back until 2018

The government’s planned exemption for energy intensive industries (EIIs) from some of the costs associated with green energy policies has been pushed back until next year. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) had initially planned to have the exemption in place for the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme by April this year but […]

UK’s Renewables Obligation scheme closes

One of the UK Government’s main support mechanisms for large-scale renewable projects has closed to new generating capacity. Under the Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme, suppliers must generate an increasing proportion of their electricity from green sources. Operators are issued RO certificates (ROCs) based on the amount of electricity they generate for a period of 20 […]

Northumbria to benefit from £250k wind fund

A UK community is to benefit from a £250,000 fund every year. Vattenfall said it will invest the cash following the installation of a 54.4MW wind farm in Northumbria. Construction of the 16-turbine Ray project, which is expected to generate enough electricity to power more than 30,000 homes, will begin next month. It is scheduled […]

DECC confirms subsidy closure for large-scale solar

Support for solar power projects above 5MW of capacity will be scrapped from April next year, the Government has confirmed. DECC said it would go ahead with the controversial move despite the majority of respondents opposed to the proposals to stop bigger solar farms from taking part in the existing Renewables Obligation (RO) subsidy scheme. […]

EMR risks failing Scotland says Energy Minister

The Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing has said the Electricity Market Reform risks failing Scotland. In a speech to the Scottish Parliament (pictured) he claimed the UK Government was adding to the existing challenges already faced by the country’s “exciting, new renewables industry”. Mr Ewing said: “Developments ranging from small hydro stations and innovative projects […]

Scottish Government cuts biomass support at 15MW

The Scottish Government has removed  subsidy for biomass power plants of more than 15MW due to concerns they will use too much wood. Energy Minister Fergus Ewing made the announcement for future support levels and said wood-fuelled biomass plants with more than 15MW of capacity will only receive support if they operate as combined heat […]

Fergus Ewing: We can’t afford to get reforms wrong

Scotland’s Energy Minister said we can’t afford to get the electricity reform wrong as he called on the UK Government to work together. During a debate on the UK’s draft Energy Bill yesterday, Fergus Ewing said the Bill had great potential but warned the continued uncertainty on the reforms was damaging investor confidence. He also […]

DECC’s solar cuts “too big and too soon”

DECC’s new proposal to cut tariffs on solar installations are “too big and too soon”. That’s the view of the Solar Trade Association (STA) who have slammed last week’s Government’s consultation on solar support. DECC have proposed a reduction for large-scale solar installations from 2ROCs/MWh to 1.5 ROCs/MWh from March next year. But the STA […]

DECC’s new consultation to provide certainty

DECC has today released its consultation on the level of support for solar and biomass in an effort to provide certainty for investors. The new rates are set under the Renewables Obligation (RO), which are subsidies given to companies for the amount of renewable electricity they generate. The consultation proposes that large-scale solar installations should […]

Business energy bills at risk from non-energy costs

Business energy bills are increasingly at risk from extra costs including payments for Government subsidies such as the Feed-in Tariff and the Renewables Obligation for renewable energy, according to a business energy supplier. UK firm Haven Power, which is part of the Drax Power Group, says it is bringing out three new tariffs for small- […]