Detail of funding boost to energy intensives revealed

George Osborne was greeted with heckles and taunts as he read the Autumn Statement to Parliament this week. But as he breezed over UK green policy the opposition took a breather and most in the energy sector let out a huge sigh of relief. Even green advocates weren’t too surprised as the ‘Greenest Government ever’ […]

Government attitude on solar subsidy is wrong

The Government was under attack from a “livid” solar industry this week as the campaign to stop it slashing solar subsidies intensified. It has the wrong attitude on the renewable energy source, according to solar campaigner Howard Johns, chairman of the Solar Trade Association, who warned that companies were facing “mass bankruptcy” as a result […]

Solar snub in Roadmap sparks confusion

Campaigners have been angered by what they see as a snub to solar in the Government’s recent Renewable Energy Roadmap. The Department of Energy and Climate Change released the Roadmap in tandem with their Energy Market Reform (EMR) White Paper yesterday. The Roadmap highlights eight key new renewable technologies that could push the UK towards […]

Roadmap plots course to renewables

The government has released a Renewable Energy Roadmap aimed at tackling barriers to rolling out renewables. The Roadmap lays out eight technologies that have the biggest potential to help the UK meet 2020 targets in a cost-effective and sustainable way. DECC plans to put up to £30million into renewable energy innovators as part of the […]