CBI: Government and firms must step up action on efficiency

The Government needs to provide more support for businesses to take up energy efficiency measures and “untangle overlapping policies” whilst firms should step up action to cut their costs. The call from the CBI comes as it suggests more needs to be done to boost energy efficiency as it can help businesses reduce energy bills, […]

CBI calls for ‘urgent’ 2030 carbon target

The UK’s leading business organisation has called for Europe to adopt a 2030 carbon target as a matter of urgency. The CBI said there should be political agreement on a new European energy and climate change package by 2014 for the “future” of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Under the EU ETS, businesses […]

Cautious welcome for carbon reporting from its champions

Plans to make all firms listed on the London Stock Exchange report on their greenhouse gas emissions have received a cautious welcome from one of its main backers. Business lobbying group the CBI has vocally campaigned for blanket carbon reporting to give companies an even footing. It said the regulation must be done “sensibly”. This […]

Still “plenty of work to do” on new Green Deal plans

Businesses still believe there is “plenty of work to do” on the Green Deal despite the Government bringing out a much-anticipated second round of legislation for the scheme today. The Green Deal is to help home owners get energy efficiency measures and create thousands of new jobs. The new fleshed out plans come after six […]

Questions remain over Contracts for Difference

Last week’s draft energy bill has possibly left the business sector more questions than answers. The ‘Contracts for Difference’ (CfD), one of the key policies of electricity market reform, has been the most heavily targeted as business says Government is still keeping quiet over the detail. Rhian Kelly, Director for Business Environment at the CBI […]

Reaction to the Draft Energy Bill

Leading industry figures give ELN their take on the Government’s latest draft Energy Bill.

Government must learn lessons from previous competition, says CBI

Businesses in the UK welcomed DECC’s CCS competition re-launch but claim the Government “must learn lessons” from its original project. The CBI said the new CCS competition must be “simpler” and “completed quickly” as the last one “took too long and was eventually abandoned”. It believes the UK could gain from this project and the […]

Communities unconvinced by Green Deal, report says

The Green Deal must get local communities involved in cutting energy or risk failing, according to a report backed by MPs. Environmental thinktank Green Alliance also said local communities are unconvinced by the Green Deal with concerns the fuel poor won’t get enough support. The thinktank’s report out yesterday is based on workshops in November […]

Big changes for water sector mustn’t dry up UK competitiveness

Lobbyists are warning water policy changes need to be carefully scrutinised so they don’t negatively affect businesses. Today Defra released its Water White Paper which spelled out plans to shake up the water sector, placing more emphasis on environmental issues and opening up the market to more entrants. Lobbyists at the CBI made it clear […]

Business unsure of Coalition’s energy strategy

As the Energy Secretary delivered the Government’s energy announcements today, the Confederation of British Industry has questioned their policy following the recent U-turn to the solar Feed-in Tariff. Energy Secretary Chris Huhne told parliament: “We will secure our energy at the lowest cost: in the short term, by promoting competition. In the medium term, by […]