New UN-backed label to help consumers choose environmentally-friendly rice

Rice farming consumes up to one-third of the world’s developed freshwater resources and generates up to 20% of global methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas

Budweiser brewer signs deal for sustainable rice supply

Anheuser-Busch has teamed up with Indigo Agriculture to drive down emissions related to the beer ingredient

Wales granted £5.9m for industrial emissions reductions

The initiative will work with local supply chain companies to test how carbon dioxide can be innovatively used to make high value products

UK firm to help bring 'rice power' to Vietnam

A UK firm is helping to bring 200MW of ‘rice power’ to Vietnam after teaming up with a Malaysian company. The new project worth 1.94 billion Malaysian ringgit (£384m) is to build 20 biomass plants in Vietnam. The 10MW plants will be fuelled by rice husks using a combustion system developed by the UK’s Torftech. The […]