How well are Big Six explaining energy price rises?

We’re in the midst of the inevitable yearly pre-winter energy price hikes. Delivering bad news is always tough – so how are the Big Six suppliers managing? Even though suppliers aren’t necessarily to blame for the rises they are responsible for explaining them, according to EY’s power and utilities analyst Richard Postance. He told ELN […]

UK ‘needs fewer big suppliers’ not more

Fewer, bigger energy suppliers would improve competition in the market and bring bills down – almost the total opposite of current plans to shake up the energy market. That’s according to a consultant from Ernst&Young who points to figures regulator Ofgem has calculated showing suppliers’ fixed costs for operating can be around £500million. By shaving […]

Political intervention ‘main threat’ to utility companies

Political intervention through changes to energy policies is seen as the greatest threat to the future of power and utility (P&U) companies, a new poll suggests. Based on a survey of 110 P&U senior executives from 20 countries, the “fast-paced” change of regulations was highlighted as the highest priority of risk. Price volatility and access […]

Suppliers must stop own goals says analyst

Richard Postance of Ernst & Young discusses how energy suppliers need to improve trust and communication.

Ernst & Young: Trust is key in energy industry

Trust is one of the main issues in the energy industry and suppliers need to do more to gain it from consumers. With gas and electricity prices continuously rising, analysts at Ernst & Young suggest energy companies need to help people understand the reasons why and be more open. They believe trust is key but […]

Energy Bill preview

ELN’s Vicky Ellis discovers all there is about the energy bill or as much as Government reveals