Big Six ‘can’t survive as they are in new energy future’

Robert Groves, CEO of SmartestEnergy, said their role was likely to change dramatically

Talking Energy: Robert Groves (SmartestEnergy)

Sumit Bose talks to Robert Groves (SmartestEnergy) in the latest edition of Talking Energy.

Energy users “want to be more in touch with generators”

The UK is on the cusp of a brave new energy world where energy users want to be much more in touch with generators – to the extent they want to become generators themselves. That’s according to independent energy firm SmartestEnergy which has shaken up the structure of its management and plans to grow its […]

Businesses generating £80m of energy on their property

Companies are generating £80million worth of energy on their property according to new figures compiled by business electricity supplier SmartestEnergy. On-site projects developed by businesses to power manufacturing facilities and commercial premises also increased 53%. That’s against a backdrop of rising popularity for larger scale independent renewable projects. Owned by businesses, farms, communities and the […]

Delaying investment decisions a big issue in energy market

Delaying investment decisions could be a big issue in the energy market, according to an independent energy supplier. Robert Groves, CEO of SmartestEnergy suggests people start planning ahead instead of stalling investment decisions as this could affect them in the near future. Speaking after the SmartestEnergy Conference held last week, Groves said that although investors […]

Smartest Energy celebrate a decade of going green

ELN asks what’s next for the renewables supplier?   Other Smartest Energy stories: Electricity prices to soar 60% in a decade SmartestEnergy welcomes SSE market shakeup Small player paying out most for FiTs Report picks best energy suppliers to boost UK business

Feed-in Tariff figures point to healthy market, say SmartestEnergy

Statistics for the first year of the Feed-in Tariff scheme point to a healthy market, according to SmartestEnergy. The company, the leading purchaser and supplier of electricity from the independent generation sector, recently emerged as the biggest payer in the first 12 months of the renewables incentive scheme. The total paid by SmartestEnergy during the […]