Cleantech revolution on its way

ELN covers the ‘Cleantech Innovate’ event in London, where British businesses showcased their new inventions to those in the energy sector. Reporter Priyanka Shrestha talks to industry experts and some of the inventors trying to get their products to market.

UK could be ‘major power’ for green innovation

Britain could be a “major power” for innovation in the green industry but those with new creations still struggle to get accepted. That was the message from the ‘Cleantech Innovate’ event yesterday held at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London, which saw 40 different British companies showcasing their inventions to industry experts, potential investors […]

Should energy storage get public subsidy?

ELN’s Reporter Priyanka Shrestha talks to industry experts about energy storage technology and its future in the UK’s green economy.

MPs show support for hot air

MPs, campaigners and key figures in the renewables world were supporting the Renewable Energy Association yesterday in its call on the government to honour the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive. Standing in front of a balloon filled by power from a solar panel, with a sign reading ‘Heating is half the C02 problem’, the […]