Debating the energy future

  Robert Llewellyn, Gab Barbaro and ELN Editor Sumit Bose debate the issues of the future at the Energy Live Future event. Join them for a light hearted look at the way energy storage, generation and transportation is set to radically change our everyday lives.

Tech Tinder fun at Energy Live Future

In a light-hearted session hosted by ELN Editor Sumit Bose and Robert Llewellyn, the Energy Live Future audience got a view of what is the best kit around and what frankly needs to be left on the shelf. The audience got involved and helped decide whether the energy innovations on display got a left or a […]

Energy Live Future: Energy Tech Tinder

Our Energy Live Future conference is now only three days away! Join us and more than 200 energy end users at the National Space Centre in Leicester on the 7th of June to learn more about how energy will be generated, traded and delivered in the future. The day’s fourth session at 13:30 will allow you […]

We take Ford’s EVs for a spin in Germany

Ford unveils its latest range of electric and hybrid cars.

Robert Llewellyn at EL2013 – Warning: Offensive language

Actor, comedian, presenter and EV enthusiast Robert Llewellyn speaks his mind on electric cars and the energy sector at Energy Live 2013.

Where does it come from, asks Robert Llewellyn

Where does it come from? That was the question which sparked his energy revelation, the electric vehicle enthusiast Robert Llewelyn told the audience at Energy Live 2013. The Red Dwarf actor and television presenter said: “It’s actually really annoying driving electric cars… because the first time you drive one you go, well hang on a […]

UK’s first all electric pay-per-use car club launches

The UK’s first all electric pay-per-use car club has launched today in East London. The E-Car Club switched on the ignition in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, where the company is working with the social housing landlord Poplar HARCA, the owner of 9,000 local homes. The first cars available to residents are the Renault […]

Moong beans and EVs

ELN editor Sumit Bose talks to actor/comedian Robert Llewellyn about Electric Vehicles and his passion for them.

Only a smeegheed wouldn’t drive an EV

Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn tells ELN why he’s a big fan of Electric Vehicles