Centrica strikes £7bn LNG deal

The agreement will allow the company to purchase one million tonnes of LNG every year

Will Centrica’s Rough open its reservoir for Britain’s “roughest” winter?

The reopening is predicted to help the country cement its gas stocks amid fears of shortages

UK greenlights Centrica’s gigantic gas storage site

The move is believed to be the first stage of the potential reopening of the UK’s largest gas storage facility

Centrica files application to reopen ‘Britain’s biggest’ gas storage site

The Rough site has the capacity to store enough to cover the UK’s needs for ten days

Centrica freed from Rough gas storage commitments

The UK’s competition watchdog has provisionally decided to remove the requirements placed on Centrica’s Rough gas storage facility in the North Sea. The announcement from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) comes after Centrica requested a review as it intends to close the facility due to its physical deterioration. The undertakings include the legal, financial […]

Competition watchdog to review Rough gas storage requirements

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is to review the requirements placed on Centrica’s Rough gas storage facility. The giant facility in the North Sea stores gas in the summer and delivers it in the winter to help meet the high demand. In June, Centrica said it intends to close the storage facility due its […]

Centrica to close UK’s giant Rough gas storage facility

Centrica has said the giant Rough gas storage facility under the North Sea will be permanently shut. The announcement comes as the site has faced numerous outages and the future of its commercial operations was being assessed. The facility is the largest of its kind in the UK and able to meet around 10% of […]

Centrica consults on Rough storage capacity

Centrica has launched a market consultation on reducing the minimum capacity at its Rough storage facility for 2017/18. Its aim is to ensure the firm is not required to sell more storage services than Rough can physically deliver. The consultation follows an application the firm sent to Ofgem to reduce the minimum capacity and additional space of […]