Ed Davey: We should listen to scientists on climate change

Energy Secretary Ed Davey is urging the nation to “listen to the scientists” when it comes to assessing and tackling climate change. Mr Davey made a speech on climate change and science at the Royal Society this afternoon, addressing the AVOID programme, which is a four-year research project, providing scientific and technical analysis to inform […]

George Osborne: UK must be global leader in energy storage

Chancellor George Osborne turned a few heads last week when he said Britain must become an international leader in the development of low carbon technologies such as energy storage. Not one in favour of splashing out on renewable technologies like wind in the past, he surprised the industry when he outlined a range of efficient […]

Sun reflection technology needs serious research, says report

A global-warming reduction technique that reflects some of the sun’s rays back into space has caused much debate since its emergence in the last few years. A newly formed body is calling on serious, multilateral discussions to open as a result. Solar Radiation Management (SRM), a type of geo-engineering that would cause a small percentage […]

UK "short-sighted" on nuclear policies

The UK government’s strategy for nuclear power has been damned as “short-sighted” by the Royal Society. Researchers at the scientific academy said in a recent report that the Government needs to plan how the UK’s spent nuclear fuel is used, rather than treat it as an “afterthought”. The UK is embarking on a programme of […]