Is water from disused coal mines the best alternative to gas boilers?

A £450k project will explore whether mine water from disused coal mines could be used to heat homes and schools

Northern Ireland green lights climate change qualification

This will be an available GCSE and AS-Level course for students from September

Liverpool school warns of job cuts following council’s ‘energy error’

The governor of a primary school has said the mistake will have a “detrimental impact” on children

Will children in Wales be offered edible insects as part of a sustainable meal project?

Researchers plan to offer a range of eco-friendly meat substitutes to children if they wish to do so and with written parental consent

‘England’s schools pay nearly £1bn for energy’

The government has been urged to protect “squeezing” school budgets

Schools ‘could cut staff as energy bills skyrocket’

Almost one-in-three schools in the North East could be put into deficit because of rising costs, according to a new report

Biodiversity and sustainability to be on kids’ GCSEs

UK ministers are considering the introduction of a climate change-based qualification

Birmingham schools still have active contracts with Gazprom

Five council-run schools had reportedly sourced gas from Gazprom at a total value of £51,000

Renewables, a class act!

Technology previously used in large-scale wind farms promises to offer decarbonisation solutions for schools

Air pollution above average in 41% UK schools

Two-fifths of children heading back to school this September face high levels of polluting gases that can cause asthma and lung inflammation