Net zero: UK will miss carbon target without ‘urgent action’

The Science and Technology Committee has slammed the government for ‘unacceptable’ cutbacks and slow progress and set out 10 steps it should take to ensure the goal is met

MPs seek views on nuclear research and tech

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has launched an inquiry into priorities for nuclear research and technologies. It will revisit some of the recommendations of its report published in 2011 and look into whether the government’s actions in response have improved the country’s nuclear research and development (R&D) capabilities. The Committee will look […]

MPs: Smart meters could be more than energy saving tech

Smart meters could provide benefits related to optimising electricity generation and storage and paving the way for a smart energy system. However, the government is not being clear on the wider benefits of the technology, according to the Science and Technology Committee. The government plans to install 53 million smart meters across homes and businesses across […]

Government and BBC ‘not communicating climate science clearly’

The Government has been criticised for failing to communicate the science behind climate change “clearly and effectively” to the public. The Science and Technology Committee believes the Government’s efforts to “properly engage the public” while communicating climate change have been “disappointing”. Its report also claims the Government’s “hands-off approach” to engaging with the public and […]

Public ‘find it hard to trust government on nuclear’ say MPs

The public don’t fully trust the government when it comes to nuclear power and shale gas. That’s according to MPs on the Science and Technology Select Committee who have concluded the public don’t see the Government as an “impartial” source of information about risks linked to the energy sources. The MPs suggest the UK Government’s […]