‘More frequent rainfall is speeding up Greenland’s ice-melt’

Scientists believe climate change means rain is falling instead of snow, accelerating the melting of ice formations

Atom molecule
US launches advanced reactor tech to boost new nuclear growth

A new Versatile Test Reactor will help the US to conduct research into new nuclear fuels, materials, instrumentation and sensors

Environmental impact
‘There’s a 99.9999% chance humans are causing climate change’

This figure is the ‘gold standard’ for certainty, a statistical measure often used in scientific studies

Technologies developed for space have a future on Earth

Cross-sector collaboration at a UK technology hub is paving the way for innovation

A lithium ion battery unit
Batteries get safer and live longer with spongy tech

Penn State engineers have discovered a new technique able to double the life cycle of such devices

UK provides £1.3bn boost for science and tech talent

The funding hopes to guarantee the nation’s position at the forefront of innovative technologies

Science park invests £400k in low carbon upgrades

The new infrastructure put into place by Manchester Science Partnerships includes a Tesla Powerpack to reduce reliance on the grid

Scientific advisors promote climate change knowledge exchange

Experts from across the Commonwealth are to establish a knowledge exchange network to tackle issues such as climate change, food security and the state of the oceans

Researchers charge up battery performance

US scientists have found out the capacity and lifespan of lithium batteries can be improved by adjusting the ratio of metals they are made from

UK-China vow co-operation on energy innovation

The UK and China have pledged to work together to strengthen collaboration in science and innovation in various sectors, including energy. The new strategy builds on almost 40 years of co-operation and is the first bilateral science and innovation strategy China has developed jointly with another country. It sets the framework for future co-operation to […]