Election 2019: SNP’s energy and climate policies

Leader Nicola Sturgeon has demanded the UK matches Scotland’s climate ambitions, regardless of its position within the EU

SNP manifesto: ‘Energy price cap is necessary’

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is copying the Tories and backs a price cap for standard variable tariffs. A pledge in its manifesto the SNP outlines how MPs plan to provide more than £500 million of energy efficiency support, reduce the number of people on pre-payment meters and immediately implement the Competition and Markets Authority’s recommendations on metering. Nicola […]

SNP: Scotland should make own decisions on oil and gas

The “mismanagement of successive Westminster Governments” has shown why Scotland needs to make its own decisions on oil and gas. That’s the view of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which made the comment following George Osborne’s trip to Scotland yesterday where he warned the nation could see “very significant” tax rises if it established an […]