Crown Estate seeks input on achieving 1GW of floating offshore wind by 2030

It is currently inviting views on the scale of the opportunity for floating wind in the UK and the likely pipeline of projects between now and 2030

Subsea tech and data firm teams up with US Government to map seabed

This information is vital for the development of infrastructure such as offshore wind and tidal energy generation

New York State announces $5.5m for offshore data collection

The money will be used to fund geophysical and geotechnical data collection, in order to support offshore wind development

Crown Estate opens 7GW offshore wind leasing round

The leasing scheme will enable the development of electricity generation capacity that is enough to meet the needs of more than six million homes

World’s longest interconnector will link UK and Norway

The world’s longest electricity interconnector is set to be built between the UK and Norway, which is expected to improve energy security for both countries. National Grid signed an agreement with Norwegian power provider Statnett confirming plans for a 1.4GW submarine interconnector. It aims to have the 700km link operational by 2020. The companies are […]

Captain Scott’s research holds climate change clues

Tiny Antarctic marine creatures collected 100 years ago by explorer Captain Scott are giving scientists new clues about climate change. By comparing present-day specimens with those from Scott’s expeditions, researchers have found the first conclusive evidence of increased carbon uptake and storage by Antarctic marine life. Scientists examined annual growth bands in skeletons of sea-bed […]