Severn Trent invests £15m in biomethane plants

Severn Trent has invested £15 million in three new biomethane gas-to-grid plants. The water company, which serves eight million people across the Midlands and Wales, says the power generated will be enough to heat more than 8,000 homes for a year. However, it plans to use the biogas fermented from sewage sludge, contaminated energy crops […]

Severn Trent reopens green grant for farmers

Severn Trent is reopening its environmental grants scheme for farmers. The move by the water company will give farm owners in the Midlands another opportunity to apply for funding to help them to protect local watercourses from pollution. The grant will provide money to help farmers make management and infrastructure improvements, reducing the risk of […]

Severn Trent invests £60m in biogas upgrade

Severn Trent has invested £60 million in a thermal hydrolysis plant (THP) to make the process of generating clean energy at one of its sites more efficient. The water company says the technology will see the electricity produced at Minworth Sewage Treatment Works increase by almost a third. The process works by treating sewage sludge, […]

Severn Water partners to boost grid flexibility

A water supplier has teamed up with a cleantech firm to improve demand flexibility and help build a smarter energy system in the UK. Severn Trent, which provides water to 4.5 million households and businesses, aims to use Open Energi’s demand side response technology to provide more than 20MW of flexible capacity by 2020. The […]

Water firm gushes about alternative fuel vehicles

Severn Trent has announced plans to replace its fleet with alternative-fuelled vehicles “as soon as possible”. It aims to replace 2,200 vans, cars and tankers, with its first fully electric vans expected to hit the roads next month. Chief Executive Liv Garfield said: “We’re really clear that this is where the future lies for us. […]

Severn Trent to buy Dee Valley Water for £78.5m

Severn Trent plans to buy Dee Valley Water in a deal worth around £78.5 million. It will pay 1,705 pence per share for the rival supplier, which serves around 260,000 customers in Cheshire and North Wales. Severn Trent said it will extend support for vulnerable customers and any wholesale cost efficiencies achieved would be shared […]

Green light for Severn Trent-United Utilities merger

Severn Trent and United Utilities have been given the green light by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to form a joint venture targeting the business water retail market. The new company ‘Water Plus’ will be based in Hanley, Stoke on Trent and combine their non-household water and wastewater retail businesses, employing 400 people. It […]

Severn Trent-United Utilities to merge business retail water service

Severn Trent and United Utilities (UU) have joined forces to combine their non-household water and wastewater retail businesses. The joint venture (JV) will serve non-household customers when they are able to choose their retail water supplier from April 2017. The two companies will combine their customer-facing activities including sales, customer service, business strategy and credit […]

Severn Trent fined £480k for pollution

Severn Trent has been ordered to pay £480,000 for a pollution incident. According to the Environment Agency, raw sewage leaked into a farmer’s field and a pond in a private fishery at Bramley, Rotherham last year. It added Severn Trent had been warned on two previous occasions for similar incidents at the same location. The […]

EU bank loans Severn Trent £530m

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is loaning a UK water company £530 million to support its five-year investment programme. Severn Trent provides drinking water and waste water treatment services to more than 4.3 million homes and businesses across the Midlands and mid-Wales. Under UK water regulator Ofwat’s 2015 – 2020 price review period, around £3.3 billion […]