Holland & Barrett to stop selling wet wipes in fight against fatbergs

Wet wipes are said to account for around 80% of blockages in sewers, costing an estimated £100m a year to clear

‘No dig’ sewer technology to save Yorkshire Water £1.25m

It is also expected to increase the lifespan of its underground sewers by up to 50 years

Majority of Brits ‘oppose wet wipe ban’

A new survey of 1,000 people found 31% admit to having flushed wet wipes down the toilet

Fatberg straight ahead!!

An awareness campaign against ‘fatbergs’ in the sewers of East London has seen a 26% reduction in pipe blockages. Thames Water says almost 70% of people in parts of Newham, Redbridge, Havering, Epping Forest and Barking and Dagenham say they’ve changed their behaviour when it comes to disposing of cooking fat and wipes as a […]

South West Water plunging £3m into Devon sewers

Water company South West is plunging £3 million into upgrading a stretch of sewers in Devon. Parts of the sewerage network originally built during Victorian times in Ivybridge, which is nine miles east of Plymouth, are prone to flooding during heavy rainfall. Known as “hydraulic overload”, when this happens water and waste floods out through […]

Thames Water presses on with 8% price hike request

Thames Water is continuing the fight to add an extra £29 to the annual average household bill. Earlier this year it proposed to increase customer bills by 8% in 2014, putting the demand down to “significant” extra costs from taking on an extra 40,000 kilometres of private sewers and charges and increases in bad debt. […]

Thames Water wants to bump up water bills

Utility firm Thames Water has applied to add £29 to its customers’ water bills. The company puts the demand down to “significant” extra costs from taking on an extra 40,000km of private sewers at the Government’s request in 2011, rises in Environment Agency charges and increases in bad debt “as a result of the economic […]

Giant ‘fatberg’ cut out of London sewers

Repairs to London drains began this week after a giant ‘fatberg’ as big as a bus was cut out of the London sewer system. Called Britain’s “biggest ever” fatberg by Thames Water, the rancid block of food fat and wet wipes was removed from drains under London Road in Kingston. The disgusting fat had reduced […]

Blog: Sew-urgh! What a waste of a day…..

Whenever you see sewers in films, they’re always miraculously well-lit and unnaturally clean. Take that scene in the new Spiderman film when Rhys Ifans as Dr Curt Connors plots in his underground lizard lair, or in the Disney cartoon Ratatouille when the rats flee on mini boats, white water rafting style down into Parisian sewers. […]

ScottishWater pumps £250m into waste water work

ScottishWater is pumping £250million into improving Greater Glasgow’s waste water network. The private firm says its five-year programme is the biggest investment in the area in more than a century. The aim is to improve river water quality and the natural environment of the River Clyde (pictured), reduce sewer flooding and deal with the effects […]