Blog: A Shard of ice in the heart of an oil firm

The tallest skyscraper in Western Europe. Six women. One message. Just one of them reached the top of the Shard after scaling 310 metres in 15 hours, finally unfurling a huge banner that read ‘Save the Arctic’. The consequence? Arrest on suspicion of aggravated trespass. Now I think the #iceclimb stunt was completely bonkers but […]

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Protesters scale Shard against Shell’s Arctic oil drilling

ELN’s Priyanka Shrestha reports on Greenpeace UK activists scaling up London’s Shard in protest against oil company Shell drilling in the Arctic. Hear their views and those of the public.

Activists scale the Shard to show up Shell

It’s the sort of stunt you’d expect James Bond to be involved in – but six activists have scaled the Shard in London in protest against Shell’s drilling plans in the Arctic. Starting around dawn, the six women from Greenpeace had reached the 100m mark – nearly a third of the way up the iconic […]