Defra asked to secure recycling collections amid lockdown

‘Vital supply of good quality packaging material’ is facing a shortage as retail outlets close their shutters

Solar power ‘will help Europe avoid blackouts’

Sun Investment Group says photovoltaic panels can prove highly effective in covering gaps in supply

Water use for fracking ‘has surged by 770% in parts of US’

Researchers from Duke University claim the industry’s water usage is gradually rising

Capturing clean water from air causes a splash

A new device will help relieve water-starved areas across the world, starting with a refugee camp based in Lebanon

UK gas supply shortage eases

National Grid has withdrawn its gas shortage warning issued yesterday following an increase in supply. It had issued the warning, saying it may not have enough supply to meet demand as a result of the cold snap. The grid operator is currently not expecting to issue another warning today following the withdrawal at 4.45am this […]

Shell expects potential global LNG supply shortage

Shell sees a potential supply shortage of liquefied natural gas (LNG) developing in the mid-2020s as global demand surges. Its latest annual LNG Outlook states demand in the global market grew by 29 million tonnes to 293 million tonnes last year and based on current projections, there could be a shortage unless new production commitments […]

Cape Town running out of water in mega-drought

Cape Town is experiencing a once-in-300-year magnitude drought. The World Water Council says the South African city is preparing to turn off its taps as it nears ‘Day Zero’, the date it will completely run out of water. At the moment this is expected to occur on the 11th of May if it doesn’t rain, […]

Power shortages could keep lights off next Xmas

Power shortages continuing to worsen could threaten the UK’s ability to keep the lights on next winter. National Grid’s ‘safety buffer’ of power supply has fallen to as low as 0.1% at times of peak demand this year, according to the British Infrastructure Group, a collection of MPs dedicated to improving infrastructure in the UK. This tiny margin leaves Britain […]

Water tanks end Devon island’s drought

South West Water have sent four 900 litre tanks of water to an island off Devon during a shortage. The three mile-long Lundy island in the Bristol Channel is reliant on rainfall for its water supplies and recent dry weather has reduced availability. There are water restrictions in place and everyone is urged to use […]