May hailed as ‘warmest on record’ as Siberia melts after ‘alarming’ heatwave

Western Siberia stands out as a region with a long warming trend of higher temperatures, according to a new report

Arctic station
Russia to build new arctic research station fuelled by renewables and hydrogen

A new diesel-free ‘living laboratory’ will rise from the tundra to host research on renewable energy and smart cities

Climate change ‘could make Siberia habitable by the end of the century’

Researchers suggest by 2080, Asian Russia could have a milder climate, with significantly less permafrost coverage

BP and Rosneft to develop Siberian resources

Rosneft and BP to explore and develop onshore Siberian oil resources in a joint venture. Plans for the West Siberian and Yenisey-Khatanga basins include regional research, seismic testing and drilling of exploration wells. Field works in the 260,000 square-kilometre area are anticipated to begin in early 2017. The joint venture is to be called Yermak […]

Bailiffs raid BP Moscow office

Russian bailiffs have raided BP’s offices in Moscow on the orders of a Siberian court. The raid conducted by the Federal Bailiff Service followed a lawsuit against the oil giant by shareholders of one of its minor subsidiary companies. Some shareholders of TNK-BP Holding, led by Andrei Prokhorov, are claiming damages from BP after its […]