Slovenian municipalities to share €100m for sustainable developments

Local governments and their public companies will be able to finance small-scale infrastructure measures, including energy efficiency and environmental protection in their communities

Slovenia referred to EU Court over wastewater treatment failures

According to the Commission, certain areas do not comply with the requirements because urban wastewater entering collecting systems is not subject to the appropriate level of treatment before being discharged

Slovenian electric aircraft becomes ‘world-first’ to receive certification by European Union Aviation

The two-seater aims to become the first step towards the commercial use of electric aircraft

Energy services provider Resalta receives €12m loan from EU bank

The loan addresses the high energy intensity concerns in South-Eastern Europe

Glass furnace
Slovenian glass factory sees a window to a cleaner future

GEN-I has set up a solar plant to produce hydrogen fuel for Steklarna Hrastnik’s glass furnaces

EU refers Czechia and Slovenia to court over energy efficiency failures

Member states are required to display energy performance certificates in certain buildings frequently visited by the public

Siemens produces 3D printed part for nuclear plant

Siemens has produced what is claimed to be first 3D printed part for a nuclear power plant. The “industry breakthrough” follows the integration of 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, as part of its digital services portfolio. The replacement part, produced fro the Krško nuclear power plant in Slovenia, is a metallic, 108mm-diameter impeller for […]

EU approves Slovenian support scheme for renewables

The European Commission has approved changes to a Slovenian support scheme for renewables and high efficiency co-generation. The amended scheme will increase renewable energy production “in line with EU energy objectives and without unduly distorting competition”. In May 2015, Slovenia presented plans to amend their existing support scheme to make it more cost-effective and improve the […]

European Green Capital Ljubljana focuses on sustainable tourism

The European Green  Capital of 2016 Ljubljana is focusing on sustainable tourism this month. The capital of Slovenia, has set a programme of different events which aim to raise awareness about the topic. The activities, co-ordinated by Ljubljana Tourism, will have a positive impact on the entire local environment. Some of those activities include tours around parks, […]

Ex-Slovenia PM ousted from EU energy role – before she even gets it

Former Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek was ousted from a top EU energy role – before she even took it on. Ms Bratusek was nominated to be Vice President of the Commission for Energy Union by soon-to-be President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Quizzed at the start of the week by two committees of MEPs in […]