Yorkshire Water invests £30m in wastewater treatment plant

It will help the company produce more sludge – a by-product of wastewater treatment and the anaerobic digestion process produces biogas

Severn Trent’s new sewage treatment technique ‘a third more efficient’

Its £60m Thermal Hydrolysis Plant is expected to be able to efficiently process 100 tonnes of sludge each day

Ofwat proposals to cut water bills by £1bn

Plans to remove barriers for new companies to enter the water market have been proposed. That could reduce bills for customers by up to £1 billion by 2020, according to Ofwat. Under the proposals to open up the market for energy from wastewater solids, the regulator suggests separating binding price controls for sludge and water resources. […]

Thames Water to generate 20% of energy from sewage

Thames Water is investing £250 million for a scheme to help the firm generate 20% of its energy from sewage. The water company will install thermal hydrolysis process (THP) plants at six of its sewage treatment facilities (pictured). The plants act as “pressure cookers” which condition sludge – the leftover solids from wastewater treatment – […]

Sewage waste used for paper and plastic

Sewage is now being turned into raw materials used by paper and plastic industries around the globe, thanks to a new innovation. Developed by Israeli firm Applied Cleantech, the ‘Sewage Recycling System’ (SRS) recycles the solids, also called “sludge”, in sewage systems and converts them into consumer products. These are then used as a base […]