UK businesses eye smart and distributed energy

A third of industrial firms are planning to invest more than £1 million in smart and distributed energy by 2022. That’s according to a new survey of more than 500 UK businesses conducted by PwC. One in five commercial firms said they planned to invest similarly, with mitigating high energy costs and managing security of […]

Dutch green energy firm invests in UK smart data

A Dutch sustainable energy company has bought a minority interest in a data analytics firm based in the UK. Eneco’s investment in ONZO supports its ambition to accelerate the energy transition through smart technology. ONZO has developed a software platform which uses ‘Internet of Things’ data, generated by smart meters and smart thermostats, to analyse home energy consumption. This information is used […]

E.ON launches four smart meter pilot projects

E.ON has launched four pilot smart meter projects in Germany. Several hundred E.ON customers in Fehmarn, Rugen, Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Bavaria are participating in the scheme, which aims to prepare for the mandatory roll out of intelligent metering systems in autumn. The smart meters relay the customer’s energy usage back to E.ON every quarter of […]

‘Smart data could help balance renewables on grid’

The key to driving the green energy transition is through using smart data to map electrical flows on the grid. That’s according to scientists from the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) in Germany, who are looking to use ‘intelligent algorithms’ to more accurately forecast supply from renewables and demand from consumers. Renewables feature prominently in Germany’s power […]

Battery innovator gets £2m funding injection

A battery management systems innovator has secured £2 million in funding. Dukosi, developer of a unique battery management system that collects, processes and stores data directly at the cell, has received the finance from its existing shareholders. They include IP Group plc, Scottish Investment Bank, the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise and members of Par […]

Innovative software to support smart meter rollout

A software company has won a contract to support the UK’s smart meter rollout. IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announced it will assist National Grid’s new smart meter business, National Grid Smart, with its ‘IFS Applications 9’ software. National Grid Smart offers a fully-managed smart meter service to energy suppliers, with services ranging from asset financing […]

UK ‘should use smart products for consumer needs’

The UK should implement smart technologies as they can adapt to consumers’ needs. Peter Shearman, Local Government Innovation Manager at IT company Cisco told ELN: “Controlling the environment, making it adapt to what people need and reject what they don’t need. That’s what [smart] technologies are able to do.” They are also more efficient and help save energy, […]

New micro-grid controller released

A new micro-grid controller has been launched. The system, by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, responds to external information such as users’ priorities and real-time data. It can be assigned to various user-defined scenarios, like economic dispatch, carbon footprint minimisation, renewable integration and system resiliency.   Bob Morris, SEL Vice President of national operations said: “Micro-grids have […]

Guest Blog: Ian Perryment – Data Centres have become cooler. No really.

Data centres are expensive. Whether you have one in-house or have chosen to outsource, there’s a fighting chance it carries a big pound sign. While energy companies have been criticised for their role in pushing up household bills, the financial impact on businesses is something companies of all sizes have had to tackle. It is also […]

The “wobble effect” that saves businesses energy

Ken Reavey of Energy Assets explains how a “wobble” in an electrical signal helps businesses switch their energy using equipment off or on.