Editorial – not that smart the trouble with our rollout

How can smart meter rollout ever hit the 2020 deadline when we haven’t got the logistics anywhere near correct?

Half of Brits ‘aren’t making regular efforts to reduce energy use’

Smart Energy GB says smart meters will help change this

Smart meter rollout to be reviewed

  The rollout of smart meters across millions of British households is to reviewed by the government spending watchdog. The National Audit Office (NAO) says it will investigate whether the planned £11 billion rollout will save customers money and look at whether the government is on track to achieve its target deadline of 2020. Some […]

Wisley’s Christmas lights smarten up this season

  The Christmas lights at the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) gardens in Wisley will be connected to smart meters this festive season. Smart Energy GB has teamed up with the RHS to install a series of interactive lights, allowing visitors walking the trail to switch on lights in trees, around sculptures and above lakes, while […]

Smart meters see 86% of people change energy behaviour

Around 86% of people with a smart meter installed make significant changes to their energy saving behaviour. That’s the conclusion from Smart Energy GB, which surveyed 2,332 people’s energy attitudes and usage before and after upgrading to a smart meter – there are now more than 7.7 million across the UK. It found in most […]

Brits wise up to smart meters

Almost everyone in the UK is now aware of smart meters. That’s according to Smart Energy GB’s latest public survey of around 10,000 people, which shows 97% of the population knows the digital meters are being rolled out to homes and small businesses across England, Scotland and Wales. Smart meters bring an end to estimated […]

Smart meters ‘changing 85% of consumers’ energy habits’

Around 85% of people with smart meters have cut energy use by changing how they act around the house. That’s according to a new report from Smart Energy GB, based on a 2,557-person survey of energy behaviour before and after upgrading to the new technology. The research shows smart meters are generally having a positive impact […]

Are new energy meters so smart after all?

Malfunctioning smart meters have caused confusion across the country as they display hugely inflated energy readings. Affected SSE customers have taken to social media to highlight the issue – one customer’s display showed a bill for more than £30,000 for a single day. According to media reports, Jane Allen from Portsmouth has owned her smart meter […]

Business group urges government to review smart meter programme

A UK business group has called on the government for an “urgent review” of its £11 billion smart meter programme. The Institute of Directors (IoD) believe the scheme is expensive as the technology is “unnecessarily complex”. The government aims to install around 53 million smart meters across households and businesses in the UK by 2020. […]

Popularity of smart meters increases

Nearly eight in 10 people who already have smart meters would recommend them. That’s according to a survey by Smart Energy GB and Populus which asked more than 10,000 people who own a smart meter around the UK. It found 80% of them are taking steps to reduce their energy use since they have the technology […]