Manchester University staff cut fuel use by fifth

Manchester University staff have effectively cut their fuel use by nearly a fifth by using ‘smarter driving’ techniques. Around 100 of the university’s fleet drivers took new training which suggests switching to a higher gear as soon as possible, driving smoothly or at a slower speed. After Smarter Driving training, employees at the university achieved […]

UK firms ‘saved £7.5m on fuel with smarter driving’

Firms in the UK could have saved as much as £7.5million by using ‘smarter’ driving techniques which can slash the cost of fuel by 15%. The Energy Saving Trust made the claim yesterday as it announced its Government-funded project to train business employees has now had 30,000 people through its doors. Their research suggests that […]

London cabbies cut fuel by a quarter

Taxi drivers in London can now save around £500 every year on fuel and reduce carbon emissions following special training. The ‘Smarter Driving’ training by Energy Saving Trust was launched in January in a bid to help drivers increase fuel efficiency, with around 456 of them who attended the training achieving an average fuel saving […]