UK announces £343m lift-off for electric and hybrid planes

Around £68m of funding will support small and medium-sized businesses for research and development opportunities

Competition watchdog demands pricing information from energy supplier

Daligas provides energy to both domestic and small and medium sized businesses

UK SMEs granted £8.8m to trial innovative smart meter tech

A total of nine competition winners across the hospitality, retail and education sectors will explore new approaches to cut energy costs

Irish businesses offered share of €3m for smart lighting

The grant will cover around one third of the cost of installing energy efficient lighting

Switching to EVs ‘could save SMEs £625m’

Switching to electric vehicles (EVs) could deliver savings totalling £625 million for UK businesses. That means as many as 435,000 small and medium sized firms (SMEs) could each save up to £1,440 per car every year, according to new research by industry and government campaign Go Ultra Low. However, many businesses are unaware of the […]

New oil and gas tech accelerator pledges £600k

A new technology accelerator and incubator aims to help smaller innovative technology developers take their solutions to the oil and gas market faster. The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has launched ‘TechX’, which is targeting 100 start-ups and 200 small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). Up to £100,000 of funding will be provided for […]

Majority of SMEs ‘still unaware of new retail water market’

More than half of micro, small and medium sized businesses are still unaware of the new retail water market in England. That’s according to a survey by the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), aimed at tracking awareness of the market. While 43% of SMEs said they were aware they could switch their water retailer after […]

‘Energy networks need more SME innovation’

Energy networks are adopting innovations from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) but more needs to be done. That’s according to new research from the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) and the Energy Systems Catapult, which have studied how key players in the industry are working with SMEs to develop new technologies and business models. The survey showed 80% of […]

London launches new support scheme to boost circular economy

A new initiative to help smaller businesses in London become more resource efficient has been launched. Dubbed Advance London, it aims to help SMEs transition to or scale up circular economy business models and capitalise on the benefits. Circular economy is an approach that encourages keeping resources in circulation instead of being burned or ending […]

Shortage of skilled staff biggest obstacle for manufacturing SMEs

Skilled staff shortages are the most acute in manufacturing, technology and telecommunication sectors. That’s according to a new survey, which states finding skilled staff is the main challenge for 50% of more than 1,000 small and medium businesses (SMEs) planning to grow their headcount in the next two years. The technology sector is one of the […]