Rolls-Royce and Exelon team up for compact nuclear power stations

The British multinational engineering company is leading a consortium that is designing a low cost factory-built nuclear plant

Rolls-Royce plans mini-nuclear reactors for UK by 2029

The firm said the deployment of small modular reactors could make build costs more predictable and affordable, lowering the price of electricity for consumers

Government mulls investing £18m to develop UK’s first mini nuclear reactor

The government is proposing to use the Regulated Asset Base (RAB) financing model, which would allow developers to charge customers in advance through their existing bills

Rolls-Royce awards contract for small modular reactor

Rolls-Royce has awarded a contract to Nuclear AMRC for the development of a small modular reactor (SMR) demonstrator. The project will develop an understanding of modules and help underpin the early stage design principles for the manufacture, construction and operation of its SMR power plants in the UK. Rolls-Royce is leading a consortium of British […]

Tories told small reactors are the way to decarbonise

Small nuclear reactors (SMRs) will play an essential role in the UK’s journey towards decarbonisation. That’s according to David Orr, Senior Vice President at Nuclear Rolls Royce, who said the technology is ideally suited to cost-effectively filling the gap in the grid that will be left when fossil fuel generation is taken off. He suggested […]

UK ‘could deploy new nuclear tech within next decade’

A US nuclear energy firm has laid out an ambitious plan to deploy small modular reactor  (SMR) technology in the UK within the next decade. NuScale says a multi-billion pound venture with the US could see British companies provide more than 85% of the components and research required for UK deployments in the 2020s. The […]

MPs seek views on nuclear research and tech

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has launched an inquiry into priorities for nuclear research and technologies. It will revisit some of the recommendations of its report published in 2011 and look into whether the government’s actions in response have improved the country’s nuclear research and development (R&D) capabilities. The Committee will look […]

Government ‘must encourage investment in small modular reactors’

Small modular reactors (SMR) could be operating in the UK by 2030 as there is potential for early deployment of the technology. However to make that happen, the government “has a crucial role” to play in encouraging early investor confidence, the Energy and Technologies Institute (ETI) said. Its report calls for the development of a strong […]

Could mini nuclear plants be the future?

Mini nuclear power plants could play a role in ensuring the lights remain on in Britain. Small modular reactors (SMRs) scale down nuclear technology to a fraction of the size of larger plants and could produce around a tenth of the electricity created by large-scale projects such as Hinkley Point. Companies developing the technology include Rolls-Royce, […]

ETI to invest £300k in nuclear reactor project

A project looking at the deployment of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) in the UK is to be launched. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is currently seeking partners and will invest up to £300,000 in the six-month scheme. The ETI is a partnership between energy and engineering firms including BP, Caterpillar, EDF, Rolls-Royce, Shell and […]