Could mini nuclear plants be the future?

Mini nuclear power plants could play a role in ensuring the lights remain on in Britain. Small modular reactors (SMRs) scale down nuclear technology to a fraction of the size of larger plants and could produce around a tenth of the electricity created by large-scale projects such as Hinkley Point. Companies developing the technology include Rolls-Royce, […]

ETI to invest £300k in nuclear reactor project

A project looking at the deployment of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) in the UK is to be launched. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is currently seeking partners and will invest up to £300,000 in the six-month scheme. The ETI is a partnership between energy and engineering firms including BP, Caterpillar, EDF, Rolls-Royce, Shell and […]

Small modular reactors an opportunity for UK nuclear sector

Small modular reactors (SMR) are an opportunity for the UK’s nuclear sector. That’s according to NuScale Power which stated the SMR market could be worth £400 million by 2035. SMRs are built at a facility and then ‘dropped into place’ in a power plant. This means they can be placed in remote locations without the […]

ONR: Working with different regulators risks slowing UK nuclear build

Working with nuclear regulators in different countries risks slowing the development of small nuclear power stations in the UK. That’s the view of the Chief Nuclear Inspector at the Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR), who was providing evidence at the House of Commons on small modular reactors (SMRs) in Britain. SMRs are reactors that are […]