Majority of Scots support expansion of onshore wind

Nearly 74% of Scottish voters would be in favour of building more renewables in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon pledges “fastest possible transition” away from oil and gas

The Scottish Government is set to announce a new Energy Strategy next year

Election 2019: SNP’s energy and climate policies

Leader Nicola Sturgeon has demanded the UK matches Scotland’s climate ambitions, regardless of its position within the EU

‘Highlands energy rip-off must end’

A Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) has urged the UK government to end a 2p electricity surcharge paid by Highlands customers despite the region facing some of the country’s highest rates of fuel poverty. Scottish National Party (SNP) MSP Kate Forbes said the government should end this fee as part of its proposed energy […]

Scotland to set up state-owned renewable supplier

The Scottish Government is to set up a publicly-owned, not-for-profit renewable energy company. That’s according to Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), who said the supplier would be set up by 2021 to sell energy to customers as the lowest possible price. She suggested the move would give vulnerable consumers more options […]

SNP manifesto: ‘Energy price cap is necessary’

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is copying the Tories and backs a price cap for standard variable tariffs. A pledge in its manifesto the SNP outlines how MPs plan to provide more than £500 million of energy efficiency support, reduce the number of people on pre-payment meters and immediately implement the Competition and Markets Authority’s recommendations on metering. Nicola […]

Scotland sees fall in power stations’ emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions from power stations in Scotland have fallen by around a third in five years, new figures reveal. Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse said emissions dropped from 18.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2006 to 12.1 million tonnes in 2011. The figures were revealed in an answer to a parliamentary question from […]

SNP: Scotland should make own decisions on oil and gas

The “mismanagement of successive Westminster Governments” has shown why Scotland needs to make its own decisions on oil and gas. That’s the view of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which made the comment following George Osborne’s trip to Scotland yesterday where he warned the nation could see “very significant” tax rises if it established an […]

Scotland happy with planned cut to wind farm charges

Changes to charges imposed on energy generators which mean renewable projects such as wind farms could pay less to use transmission networks have been welcomed with glee by the Scottish National Party (SNP). Yesterday the regulator Ofgem said “it is minded to approve” a reduced change for intermittent energy generation because charges at the moment […]

Nuclear becomes Scottish election battle

Nuclear power looks set to play a vote-swinging role in the Scottish elections in May following the Japanese reactor accidents. This week the Scottish Labour Party will launch its manifesto which will include a return to nuclear as an energy source. Currently there is a ban in Scotland on the building of new nuclear stations, […]