Government ‘must stop publishing misleading solar statistics’

The Solar Trade Association says official figures relating to solar photovoltaic deployment in the UK are inaccurate and calls for the method of data collection to be reformed

Solar farms ‘generate wide range of benefits for local ecosystems’

The Solar Trade Association says well-designed and well-managed solar farms frequently deliver broad benefits for biodiversity and sustainable agriculture across the UK

UK councils light up with subsidy-free and ‘smart’ solar

The top 10 local authorities have invested around £80 million in solar projects

Renewable subsidies ‘won’t be touched’ by PM’s green levies review

Prime Minister David Cameron’s review of green levies won’t touch renewable subsidies for solar power and wind, a statement from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) suggests. The department’s tacit ring-fencing of the Renewables Obligation and the Feed-in Tariff has reassured green energy trade groups worried by the mixed messages from Downing Street. […]

Solar energy seven times more popular than fracking

A new poll has found that solar power is almost seven times more popular than hydraulic fracturing or fracking. The YouGov survey commissioned by the Solar Trade Association asked people to choose which local energy development they would most like to have built nearby out of a list of four options. Solar farms were the […]

Solar firms threaten legal action against EU-China deal

European solar manufacturers said they plan on filing a lawsuit against the agreement reached between the EU and China over the trade dispute. Solar panel manufacturer association EU ProSun, which represents around 40 firms, said it would go to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg to challenge the deal. The new proposal sets a […]

EU plans up to 68% tariffs on Chinese solar panels

Chinese solar panel manufacturers could face import tariffs of up to 68% in the European Union, according to reports. The tariffs will range from 37% to 67.9% and is expected to come into effect by next month, with larger manufacturers facing duties on the higher end, reports claim. They are intended to protect European solar […]

Concern over DECC’s ‘slow growth’ plans for solar

The renewables industry has welcomed the Government’s new support levels for solar but said it doesn’t understand its rationale for “slow growth”. The news comes as DECC announced subsidies for solar energy yesterday, higher than what it initially proposed but said the levels of support are “intended to encourage slow but steady deployment”. Mike Landy, […]

New renewable heat proposals offer ‘reassurance’

The Government’s new renewable heat support has offered “reassurance” about the potential of renewables. UK renewable players have welcomed DECC’s additional support for domestic heat installations such as ground heat pumps, deep geothermal heat and combined heat and power. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offers subsidy to householders for the heat produced by their installed […]

DECC’s solar cuts “too big and too soon”

DECC’s new proposal to cut tariffs on solar installations are “too big and too soon”. That’s the view of the Solar Trade Association (STA) who have slammed last week’s Government’s consultation on solar support. DECC have proposed a reduction for large-scale solar installations from 2ROCs/MWh to 1.5 ROCs/MWh from March next year. But the STA […]