Solar energy market ‘could hit 200GW by end of 2014’

The global solar power industry could potentially hit the 200GW capacity mark by the end of the year, according to new figures. That’s equivalent to adding five large-scale nuclear power plants, analysts at NPD Solarbuzz said. Their research estimates global PV installations in the fourth quarter of 2014 to exceed 19.5GW, taking the annual total […]

China set to quadruple solar installations

China is set to quadruple its domestic installations goal for solar power, according to reports. One of the biggest suppliers of solar panels in the world, the country aims to increase its target to 21GW by 2015 to support prices and help with demand. The target also includes 1 GW of solar-thermal power plants. The […]

China and Taiwan dominate on solar panels

China and Taiwan dominated when it came to making solar panels last year, according to analysts at market research group Solarbuzz. Their ‘Marketbuzz’ report suggests the Asian superpower and its smaller island neighbour accounted for 74% of global cell production. This was against a backdrop of rising global production, with the amount of solar cells […]