Duke Energy restores supply to 368,000 homes in thunderstorm-hit Carolinas

Repair efforts are underway to reinstate electricity to all 500,000 affected homes

Save forests and get carbon credits

A Californian forestry company has been rewarded with carbon credits for preserving a forest. The 4000 acres of coastal habitat south east of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been given the carbon credits as part of a Government scheme. More than 162,000 carbon credits have been awarded to the company. One carbon credit is equal […]

First new US nuclear licence in three decades approved

Approval of the first new nuclear operating licence in the USA for at least three decades is being hailed as a “crucial step” in revitalising the country’s nuclear industry by an American trade group. US federal regulators yesterday gave state utility Georgia Power a licence to build two new reactors near its existing nuclear plant. […]