South West England’s nuclear sector ‘could provide opportunities worth £50bn’

Nuclear South West suggests both specialist suppliers and companies not connected with the supply chain could benefit

South West contracts for Hinkley nuclear plant top £1.3bn

The project is expected to provide up to 64% of the value of construction contracts to companies in the UK

Drought could last to Christmas

The drought in Britain’s South West region could last beyond Christmas, according to the Environment Agency, which is urgently warning businesses and people to use water wisely or risk “serious shortages”. Seventeen counties in South West England and the Midlands have moved into official drought status, after two dry winters have left rivers and ground […]

Renewables offer £4bn boost to South West

The marine renewables sector will generate over 5750 new jobs and inject an estimated £4.8bn into the South West economy from 2015 onwards, according to a new report. The report, commissioned by the South West Regional Development Agency, found that marine renewables will be vital to the economic future of the region. A study in […]